Wednesday July 20th


3 Rounds
1:00 Max Rep Banded Strict Pull Ups
:30 Rest
1:00 Max Rep Push Ups
:30 Rest

Pull Ups: Use a band that allows for FAST reps. Athletes may start with a lighter band and increase band thickness as needed.

Push Ups. Use a band if needed to allow perfect form and fast reps.

Goal is the same or more reps that 2 weeks ago with less rest between sets.

Stimulus: Stamina
Rest: As Prescribed

For Time, with a Partner
1000m Farmers Carry 50-100s
Switch working partner any time, try to keep it even.

Stimulus: Heavy
Rest: As Needed


Find A Heavy 3Rep Shoulder Press In 8 Min

In 18 Min Find A Heavy Split Jerk From The Rack