Wednesday April 29th

Equipment WOD

Warm up

10 tempo air  squats
10 pass throughs
10 PVC overhead squats

then 2 round

6 snatch high pulls
6 low hang muscle snatches
6 overhead squats
6 low hang squat snatch
4 three position squat snatch


Find a heavy squat snatch + hang squat snatch

Pull Up Warm Up:

2 rounds
10 hang to actives
5 kip swings
5 kipping knee raise
5 v ups
2 toes to bar
2 pull ups
1 overhead squat to hang snatch to full snatch at your Metcon weight
2 chest to bars


For Time:
21 Overhead Squat 95/65
21 Pull-up
15 Hang Squat Snatch 95/65
15 Toe-to-bar
9 Squat Snatch 95/65
9 Chest-to-bar”

No Equipment WOD:

Warm Up

3 rounds
10 up dog b to down dog
10 air squats
10 push ups
20 high knees
20 butt kickers
10 tuck jumps


3 Rounds for Time:
Accumulate 1 min Handstand Hold
Accumulate 1 min Superman Hold
Accumulate 1 min Hollow Hold
Accumulate 1 min Hold of Bottom of Overhead Squat Active Position”

5 Responses
  1. Anjali

    Ugh! Zero motivation today.
    135#, 8:00 for the wod
    115#, 8:14 for the wod. Did ttb and c2b in singles. Yikes!

  2. Ashley

    Didn’t do the strength complex. More than covering that with weightlifting programming lol.

    Took like 25 minutes to warm up and mobilize because my body is super stiff.

    Finished the wod in 6:22 rx

    Round of 21 was unbroken for both. Split hang snatch 6-9 (wanted unbroken but 6th snatch was super off balance so dropped and regrouped), t2b was 10-5. Round of 9 was 3-6 for snatch and 3-3-3 for c2b. Had Zac yelling at me for the whole workout which helped.

    My forearms are on fire.