Wednesday – 15 MAY



Work to 1 Deadlift at 90-95% over a bunch of sets (at least 8)

20 min cap


5 Rounds for Time:
12 Sit Ups
9 Deadlift at 75-80%
6 Strict Pull Up

We are getting some volume in our heavy deadlifts. Do some extra mobility before class if you have time focusing on your hips. We will do a lot of glute and hamstring activation during the warm up, but the more the better in this case. Maintain your form. If you feel things starting to break down in your form, back off on the weight. That goes for both sections of the workout (STRENGTH and METCON).

This workout should be designed to keep you moving. The deadlifts should be unbroken for the first two rounds at least. If this is not the case, scale the weight down. Scale for pull ups is with a band. Go as light as possible on the band. Test yourself.