Thursday 02.04.16


Teen Games Athlete. Brooklyn Smith. Age: 15. Weight: 115 lbs. Clean&Jerk: 165 lbs. Snatch: 135 lbs.


1000m Row

200m Farmer Carry (Med. Heavy weight)

Coached Mobility


2 Position Snatch (Floor + Hang)

*work up to a heavy set in 15 min.*

3 Rounds For Quality (Not Time):

2 Near Maximal Turkish Get-Ups (R/L)

10-15 Glute Ham Raises

Max L-Hang Hold

5-10 Muscle-up Transitions

15-30 Second Hold in the top of a Ring Dip

15-30 Second Hold in the Bottom

**Team, this should take a good amount of time if you do it correctly. Work hard to use today to your advantage and execute these accessories as technically perfect as possible. Scale anything necessary and don’t be so determined to reach your goal rep number, that your technique turns ugly. NO RUSHING.


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