Wednesday 01.13.2016


Katrin Davidsdottir. 2015 CrossFit Games Champion and Fittest Woman on Earth. 4x Regional vet. 3x Games vet. 187 lb Snatch.  Height 5’7″. Weight 154lbs. Age 22. Missed her chance to the Games in 2014 as well as the 2013 Champion, Samantha Briggs, due to a poor performance on legless rope-climbs. “She left the field supported by two medics. When asked if she was hurt, she smiled widely and said, “No, I just pushed hard.”” On Davidsdottir finishing one of the last events of the ’15 Games in attempt to chase down Briggs to make doubledouble sure she ends on top.

43 days until the OPEN.


2 rds: 

5 burpees

10 dubs

5 pull-ups

10 airsquats

5 shoulder circles

10 cradle rocks

Skill Pt. 1:

3 Sets:

A.) 5-10 Skin the cats

B.) 5-10 Glute Ham-Raise


10 min. AMRAP:

10 Burpees

25 Double-Unders

Skill Pt. 2:

5 Sets of Max Rep Handstand push-ups (strict or kipping)