Thursday March 18th

We are in the presence of greatness, folks! As you know, the Crossfit Open is a worldwide event. And after 21.1, our very own Zac Chavez is currently 126th in the WORLD! Not Colorado, not the US, THE WORLD!!! As one of our athletes put it, this is nothing short of FREAKING AWESOME. At the risk of giving him an even bigger ego, tell Zac how inspiring he is next time you see him 🙂

5 Rounds NFT
200 ft Farmers Carry 50/35
20 Step Ups
20 Single Leg Deadlifts
20 Glute Bridge
20 Down Dog To Pigeon

23 Min AMRAP (single DB)
10 Dumbbell Deadlifts
10 Dumbbell Squats
10 Dumbbell Push Press 5 each Arm
1 Min Rest