Tuesday – 9APR

Build to a heavy Turkish Get Up

Build to a heavy Front Squat

Build to a heavy Overhead Squat

1 min 30 sec AMRAP
Front Squats at weight of heavy Overhead Squat.

It’s a heavy day. The first movement is the Turkish Get Up. Why would we do Turkish Get Ups while in Olympic Weightlifting/ Strength Cycle? Turkish Get-ups increase your overall body stability, awareness, balance, and coordination, all while testing your strength throughout your body. Don’t skip this portion. Duct tape with 2.5 or 5 lb weights will help get some in between weights #redneckweightlifting.

For the Front Squats and Overhead Squat work up to something heavy for the day. If you’re feeling it, go for the PR. All of the lifting can be done from the rack.

Last part, we’re taking that heavy Overhead Squat weight for a ride. Try to hold this front rack position for the entire 1.5 minutes. This might not be the best way to get the most reps in the time; however, it will give us time under tension and make you stronger. Moral of the story: do not rack the bar until the time has elapsed.