Tuesday – 4JUN



20 x 50m sprint every 30 sec


3 Rounds Not For Time:

5-15 GHD Sit Ups
15 V Ups
Max Ring Support Knee Raise

The first part is a repeat workout from last summer. Please be careful and make sure there is plenty of space around you. We do not want any scraped knees and elbows. The point of these workouts is to work on your sprint gear. Each run should be about the same speed and max effort. A good dose of intensity does the body good.

The second part is not for time so we can all share equipment and start at different times. GHD Sit Ups are potent, so if you’ve never done them, stick closer to the 5 range. If you’re accustomed to GHD Sit Ups and want an extra challenge move towards the 15. We will offer scales for V ups and Ring Support movements.