Relieved on 02.06.2018

Lieutenant Colonel Jason Dale Good was an Ohio Boy, Army Ranger and West Point graduate 1998. He is survived by Wife Terra, Daughter Ella, and son Axil.

“CrossFit Longmont was built and sustained not only by it’s Athletes, Coaches and Owners but also from the mentorship of this Army officer.  Jason, part of your legacy lives on at CrossFit Longmont.  Our success as an organization is a tribute to your sound advice.
Jason, your praise and acknowledgment went further than I will ever be able to acknowledge.  I love you, brother.”
-Shawn Wentz
20 minute AMRAP with a partner:
18 Zercher squats 135/95  *racks permitted, or partner can assist you*
6 legless rope climbs
200m buddy carry (or odd object)
 *split work as needed, all numbers are to be shared by two people*
2 x 15 reverse hyper
2 x 10 dumbbell single leg deadlift
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