Thursday – 4APR



Build to heavy complex:
Hang Clean
Split Jerk
Power Clean
Split Jerk

You may drop the bar after the first Split Jerk, but no rest; pick the bar up immediately.


10 min AMRAP
5 Back Squat 135/95*
5, 6, 7 etc….. Toes to Bar

*No rack

Today we are doing a move that we do often but with a little twist. The back squats need to come from the ground. This will add some challenge and kind of a grunt work feel to the workout. PLEASE BRING THE BARBELL BACK TO THE FRONT RACK BEFORE DROPPING. This is for safety reasons. If you drop the barbell off your back, it will most likely roll into someone while they are walking or working out causing possible injuries. We will go over the skill of going from the front rack to the back rack. If you are uncomfortable with the movement, lower the weight and practice still. The toes to bar increase every round, so the squats will get harder with the core fatigue. Enjoy!



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