Thurs 05.26


What sporting event did this take place? CrossFit. It’s a sport.


In no particular order:

500m row

10 Cart Wheels

30 sec Handstand hold

10 Cat/cow

Down/back Jaguar crawl (table-top)

10 Bunny Hops

20 Leg lifts (each side)

-then- Coach Mobility


12 min to find Max Height Seated Box Jump.

3 x 3 min. AMRAP:

5 KB Snatch (Right)

5 KB Snatch (Left)

30 Ab-Mat Sit-ups

Max Effort Double-Unders

-REST 2 Min-

**With 15 mins on the clock, repeat amrap for 3 rounds. DU is your score, or total singles as a scale. No prescription for KB weight except to go Heavy.**


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