The Samson Strecth


Understand that it is a hybrid exercise and that if your getting tired of holding the position for as long as it takes for your partner to row 500 m then you may be missing of few of the Samson stretch’s better components.  We should know that when in this position if the knee is up then we are getting a stretch but more so we are practicing balance and  static stamina.  So try this after that lead leg has started burning;  drop that trail leg knee to the ground and open up the heart to a mini back bend and not only stretch the deep emo hip but also the upper thoracic region.  Don’t be afraid to switch legs while your partner is rowing the 500m.  This warm-up was not ment to be a killer; “how can you soften, yet still show strength?

The Samson Stretch; where CF and Yoga intermingle ;)………Sarggggge!!!!