Sav week 8 Day 2



WU: Roll out upper back,  

3 Rounds:


5 Hip Extensions

5 Attempts @ handstand walk

Down and back sprint

SS: In 16 min, Find a 1 Rep Max Snatch *then* 2x ME UB @75% (rest 2 min)

(If you happen to power snatch, you’ll be forgiven. Just remember the goal is to set a new PR, and that getting under it faster and lower rather than relying solely on strength will make this exponentially easier.)

METCON: “Bergeron Beep Test”

EMOM as long as possible: 7 Thrusters @ 75# /55 #

7 Pullups

7 Burpees

*8 minute minimum work requirement. If you fail before 8 minutes, rest 2 minutes, scale to a lower level, and continue.

ACC: 3 x  a.) 10x GHD Sit-up b.) 10x Hip Extension

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