Saturday Zoom Workout

It was fantastic to see your faces last Saturday during our Zoom workout! Thank you for joining us. We are so excited to host our second Zoom workout scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 4/18 at 10am. All you need is a computer or cell phone and some space, maybe a wall. We really want to see your faces, so even if you don’t want to workout, jump on the call just to say hi! Details are below, let me know if you have questions.
Looking forward to seeing you!
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Zoom Workout

Question of the Day:
Best meal you have made (or ordered) yourself or your family during quarantine?

1)Warm Up
2)Hollow Hold Competition

3)For Time:
50 Home Makers
50 Squat Lunge Complex
12 min Time Cap

Man Makers = Push Up, Shoulder Tap Left and Right, Jump Feet to Standing, Squat, Tuck Jump
Squat Lunge Complex= Jumping Lunge Left, Jumping Lunge Right, Jumping Squat

Murph Prep 

400m run
12 Push-up
24 Air Squat

1 Response
  1. Terrean Schmidgall

    Still feeling the leg burn! Was so fun to “see” you. I finished home makers 8:39 and got to 33 of squat lunge complex. Thank goodness for time cap. 😁