Saturday Oct 9th


with a partner split work however you want

For Time
400Double Unders
30 Power Snatches 145/100lbs
16 Wall Walks
Rest 3:00
300 Double Unders
24 Power Snatches 145/100lbs
12 Wall Walks
Rest 3:00
200Double Unders
18 Power Snatches 145/100lbs
10 Wall Walks


  • Double Unders: Should not exceed 4, 3, and 2 Minutes,
    respectively. Reduce reps (maintain the goal of a bigger-thanusual set), or scale to single.
  • Power Snatch: Should be able to perform touch and go if they
    had to, but quick singles must be doable. Should not exceed
    70% of an athlete’s 1RM.
  • Wall Walks: Should not exceed 5, 4, 3 Minutes respectively. Use
    scaled wall walk standard, or reduce volume to as few as 9, 7,
    and 5 respectively

3×8 Pull Ups/Low Bar Pull Ups
3×5 Back Squats

3 Rounds Every 3 Mins
200m Row
10 Hand Release Push Ups
10 Squat Jumps
Drop Reps If You Need To Should Rest 30 Seconds Rest

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