Saturday Aug 29th

12 Rounds
Partner 1
Run 200 m
Partner 2
4 Push press (95/65)
4 Chest to bar
4 lateral burpee over bar

Accumulate 12 total rounds (Each person does 6 rounds of running and 6 rounds of the workout).

If you finish running before your partner is done working, you get to rest. If you finish working before your partner is done running, you get to rest.

Not For Time
3×8 Single Arm Kettle Bell Lunge And Press (Step out and press all same leg and arm for 8 then switch and do the same on the other side that’s one set)
400m Run
3×8 Single Leg Kettle Bell Dead Lift (each Leg0
600m run
3×8 Turkish Get Ups (4 each Arm)
800m Run

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