Saturday – 25MAY



2 Rounds:
1 min at each station

  • Burpees
  • Single Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunge Left
  • Single Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunge Right
  • Single Arm Farmers Carry Left
  • Single Arm Farmers Carry Right
  • Side Plank Left Side
  • Side Plank Right Side


Work up to a heavy 7 rep Goblet Squat or Front Squat with 5 sec descent and 5 sec ascent

Sorry today is not a Partner Workout, but you can enjoy challenging other people to keep moving at each station. Challenge yourself with the weight you use at each station. Make sure you burpee or plank to the side so that you do not get lunged or stepped on. Your core should feel fairly taxed by the end of this workout

Its not very often that we do a strength portion on a Saturday, so enjoy. Time under tension is a beast. For more experienced athletes, front squats are more appropriate. For less experienced, Goblet Squats, lighter weights, and more time under tension are more appropriate.