Saturday – 18 JAN

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The devastation caused by the bush fires is unimaginable. As the fires still rage Jemma and I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how we can do our little bit to try and help those effected. After speaking with several people currently in the disaster zones, we decided we wanted to raise money for the Red Cross, as it seems that helping the victims and volunteers assisting them is how our donation money can go the furthest. I’ve come up with a fundraiser workout and called it “Heart”, in honour of the incredible displays of selflessness, love and kindness by the thousands of people (many of which are volunteers) fighting the fires and supporting those effected by them and by those who’ve been effected by fires and those raising awareness around them all over the world. We‘re asking fitness enthusiasts all over the world to give it a crack between now and the end of the month and donate to the Help With Heart fundraiser (link is in my bio) we‘ve set up, supporting the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Service. The workout is designed to be simple, requires only a single dumbbell and can easily be scaled to suit anyone, of any fitness level. For examples of all the dumbbell movements, I’ve demonstrated them all if you swipe across. Next Sunday, Jan 19th we will be hosting the workout at CrossFit Play and anyone in the Sydney area is welcome to come and take part in return for a donation. If you want to donate to a charity other than Red Cross, or already have, that’s awesome. You are all welcome. We simply set up the fundraising event for others keen to do the workout to be able to share it. So please get your mates, or even better, your gym and take part. Share the workout and the link to donate and and together we can continue to make a difference! Thank you!

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Strength day
5 rm bench
5 rm front squat
5 bent over row

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