Saturday 01.09.2016


Friend and Family Frenzy



In 10 minutes, work up to about 60% Back Squat x2



In 6 minutes, AMRAP:

   20 Wall-Balls (20/14) (10 ft. Target both m/f)

   10 KBS (70/53) (American standard)

**Rest 2 minutes**

In 5 minutes, AMRAP:

   15 Double-Unders

   5 Burpees

**Rest 1 minute**

In 6 minutes, AMRAP:

Max Rep Back Squat (60%)(unbroken)

   200m Sprints (Counted as 10 reps)

**Once you rack your Back Squat, you must start your run. Score each round with REPS ONLY, No Rounds.:)


Cool down: 200m walk, couch stretch, frog stretch