Sat 05.21.16 Bring a Pal!


800 meter BURDEN MARCH

*Athletes  will get creative and not grab a wall ball as a cop out. Sled, Weights, Tires, 50# slam ball, punching bags, weighted vest, loaded barbell,… you get the point. Take turns with teammates when you get tired or team up on one object. There are no rules, except that you work hard. Don’t let anyone next to you work harder.*

For Time: (teams of 2)

100 reps Bench Press (you choose weight, partner must spot)

80 reps Strict Pull-up

60 reps Back Squat (same weight as bench, must come from the floor)

10, 100 meter Sprints (Total. #1 sprints once while #2 waits for #1 to cross the finish. #2 may start as soon as #1 is done. Alternate as fast as possible.)

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