Monday May 16th

Welcome to Baseline-2 Phase! The following is a breakdown of the focus points for the Phase:

High CNS Lift- Squat Clean and Split Jerk
Skill- Positional Power Snatch
Gymnastics- Strict Pull Up/Push Up
Auxillary/GPP Lift- Push Press
In WOD/Cardio- Rotate between Cardio & Sprints
Competitor Extra Lift- Bench Press

Tests for the Phase:
1RM Squat Clean and Split jerk
Gymnastics Test- Max Rep Strict Pull Ups & Max Rep Push Ups
Cardio Interval Test


Lifting Test

Find a 1RM Squat Clean and Split Jerk

Stimulus: Heavy
Rest: As Needed


Back Squat

5×8 @65%

3×12 hip extension

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