Monday April 6th

Warm up
3 rounds
12 air squats
9 up dog to down dogs
6 muscle snatches
3 over head squats.

Find a heavy 3-position squat snatch (High Hang, Low Hang, Floor)

For Time: 150 Burpees



5 rounds

5 inchworms

5 Samson Lunge

10 Air Squats

Run 200m

5×10 over head squats with a broomstick

FOR TIME: 150 burpees

12 Responses
  1. Anjali

    Knee hurts (must be all the running) so did the complex power not squat.
    3 position power snatch
    12:48 (Sue, I miss my burpee partner!)

  2. Jo Williams

    I only got to 65# for the squat snatches so I did 5 rounds of 8 OH squats with the bar (45#).

    11:46 for the burpees

  3. Ashley

    105# for the snatches. Regripping the bar was rough

    10:55 for the burpees. Hit 100 at 7:03, so didn’t slow down too badly

  4. Rachel Stelting

    Decided to do this one in the front yard and scare the neighbors a bit. Good times!
    Finished in 10:10
    But looking at the other scores I think I miscounted!

  5. Matt Potter

    135 for the complex except I missed the last lift.
    14:38 for the burpees. Did sets of 25 and it was just enough.
    Nice times everyone!

  6. Terrean Schmidgall

    Way to go everyone!! I didn’t do the 150 burpees but am impressed with all your scores. 👍🏻
    I miss hiking so I put on all my hiking gear and did an hour of urban hiking today with a heavy backpack. 😜 Look forward to trying tomorrow’s wod.