Monday April 18th

Happy Birthday Samantha Faulkner!!!


For 10 Minutes, practice:

2 Tempo Pull Power Cleans

Compare to Thursday April 7th

Stimulus: Technique/Heavy
Rest: As Needed

Teams of 3
AMRAP 12 minutes
– Wallballs, AHAP
– 100m Empty Sled Sprint
– Rest

On go, athlete 1 begins max wallballs while athlete 2 sled pushes 100m, and while athlete 3 waits for their turn. Once the sled pusher returns, athletes rotate in the order shown.

Athletes who can repeat sets of 20+ wallballs with the standard 20/14lb ball should use a slightly heavier ball.

Score is total wallballs.

Feel: Gas
Pacing: Reach


Back Squat 3×3 @85
Front Squat 3×3 @85