Monday – 1APR



Bent Over Rows (strict)


For Time:
7 Rounds:
3-8 Strict Pull Up
150m Row

Rest 1 min

For Time:
5 Rounds:
15 Ring Rows
10 Burpees

Get ready to have the lats of gods and goddesses. The strength should focus on controlled, bodybuilding style bent over rows. You may switch the grip back and forth (overhand to underhand) to give your muscles some different stimulus.

The first part of the METCON involves strict pull ups and fast cardio. The pull ups should be done in unbroken sets for as long as possible. Pick a number between 3 and 8 and hold on to it over the 7 rounds. The second part is pulling in a different plane. Adjust the feet to meet your needs. For extra challenge, grab a box to place your feet on.