Monday – 13 JAN



Handstand Walk Practice


24 min AMRAP
12m Handstand Walk/ 7 Wall Walks
12 Strict Pull ups
12 Strict Ring Dips
96m Walking Lunge (8 times of the 12m Handstand Walk)

Alllllll thhheeee gyyymmmmnnassticcsss, because it’s good for you. This workout was designed to provide some muscular endurance and plenty of time to practice Handstand Walks. Banded Pull Ups are the most suitable scale for Strict Pull Ups, and Box Dips are the best for Strict Ring Dips today



SKILL Hand Stand Wall Kick Ups

EMOM 8 Min

5 negative Hand Stand Push Ups

15 Min AMRAP

12 Strict Press Empty Barbell

24 Meter Bear crawl

12 Jumping Lunges

24 Push Ups.

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