Friday June 17th


Every :75 for 8 Sets (4 each), alternating:
– 14 Banded Strict Pull Ups
– 14 Push Ups

Stimulus: Stamina
Rest: As Prescribed 

Pull Ups: Use a band that allows for FAST reps. Athletes may start with a lighter band and increase band thickness as needed. 

Push Ups. Use a band if needed to allow perfect form and fast reps. Athletes who can confidently hit 4 sets of 15 fast reps may add a deficit.

7 Rounds
2 Wall Walks
8 S-DB Step Ups 50/35lbs to 24/20″
8 Toes to Bar
8 S-DB Step Ups 50/35lbs to 24/20″

14 minute cap

Feel: Cardio
Pacing: Sustain