Friday Jan 24th

Build to a Heavy Weighted Pull Up

Skill Bar Cycling

10 min AMRAP

1-2-3 …


Hang Power Snatch 75/55

Zac More Rig Work? Yes! Kiss That Pull Up Bar (It’s Not Weird) That Bar Is Your Best Friend.

Weighted Pull Up Day! Get The Belts And Pull Like Your Life Depends On It. If Weighted Pull Ups Are Not In Your House Just Yet That Is OK! We Will Get There. Work On Strict Pull Ups. If You Use A Band Use Lighter Bands Each Attempt.

For Bar Cycling Try And Keep That Chest Up. The Closer Your Hang Is To The Hip The Better Off You Will Be. Now For This WOD Move Fast And Know Your Grip Is Going To Try And Fade Out. But You Won’t Let it Because You Are One Tough Cookie! This WOD is About Speed And Fast Transitions. Crush It And We Love You!!

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