Friday – 12APR


Build to a heavy clean and jerk
3 second pause at the bottom of the knee on the clean
3 second pause in the dip of the jerk
3 second pause in the catch of the jerk


For Time:
50 DB Thrusters
40 Wall Balls
30 V Ups
20 DB Thrusters
10 Wall Balls

Today, we are working on positions. 3 second pauses in each reinforces good habits and strengthens the position. See how heavy you can get. The video is Dmitry Klokov doing the complex (minus the pause in the catch) at 190kg/418lbs.

The METCON could be split into three parts. Pick a weight on the Thrusters that you can at least do 15 Thrusters in a sprint.

1) 50 DB Thrusters and 40 Wall Balls will probably be more of chipper.

2) 30 V Ups. Core and possibly breath recovery.

3) 20 DB Thruster and 10 Wall Balls. SPRINT! Leave it all hear