Friday- 10MAY



Work up to a heavy Strict Weighted Pull up


7 min AMRAP
7 Power Snatches 75/55
7 Pull Ups

Followed Immediately by:

7 min AMRAP
7 Push Ups
7 Burpees

Today we have some variance to our pull ups. We are seeing just how much we can load ourselves up and still pull our chin over the bar. For those still working on getting your first pull up, lets do 5 sets of 3 negative pull ups. Let yourself down super slow and resist going down as much as possible. This will build a lot of strength in your pull up specific muscle.

“Classic, elegant, wonderfully effective CrossFit General Physical Preparedness programming lives in couplets and triplets.” – Pat Sherwood

Pulling and pushing. Heart rate and heart rate. Gotta love the combos. Enjoy