From one of our outstanding, awesome, cool, diesel members.



Another group I am involved with is doing a bra drive and fundraiser for  We are collecting new or gently used bras, sports bras, nursing bras, or camisoles for donation.

Free The Girls is a non-profit organization providing job opportunities to women rescued from sex trafficking. They allow those who were once being held as slaves to being able to earn a living selling second-hand clothing while they go back to school.  Bras are sought after items. Some of the girls in the program are making 5x the minimum wage in their community by selling bras.

How can you help? Women (or men who have women in your lives) look through your drawers and find those bras you are no longer wearing, bring them to your next CrossFit WOD before February 9th and deposit them in the bag labeled Free The Girls and they will be forwarded to this organization for distribution.

Thank you! Carolyn