Every endeavor must start with a strong foundation of knowledge and basic skill. When you join CrossFit Longmont, we will help you build that foundation so you can enter regular classes with confidence. Here’s what to expect:

  • Lectures on the how’s and why’s behind CrossFit and our methodology
  • Detailed explanations of the main movements of CrossFit with ample time to practice
  • A beginner-appropriate workout under careful supervision by a coach
  • Classes with other people who are just getting started

Foundations classes are mandatory for people without prior CrossFit experience. After the completion of all 8 foundations classes, and a pass from your coach, you’ll be ready to enter regular classes. If you have a ┬áscheduling conflict, please reach out to us. We have solutions.

Classes are Monday at 6:00pm, Wednesday at 6:00pm, and Saturday at 8:00am.

Cost: $119 for the first month, after that, regular membership prices begin