Are you looking for:

A supportive community of like-minded people?

A shorter class option that gives you a full body workout?

Easy to learn movements with instructional coaching?

Bootcamp might be for you!

Our Bootsamp classes are 45 minutes of strength and conditioning. We use simple, effective exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. This is the ideal class for someone wanting to get in and out of the gym and get a great, full body workout.

You can join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15-8:00am and Saturdays at 9am.

Come on in, or give us a call to learn more!

BootCamp is a class designed for athletes who want the high-intensity, constantly-varied, functional movements of CrossFit but don’t share the same excitement as some about the complex barbell movements.

Classes will include body weight movements, rowing, running, jumping/plyometrics, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, and whatever other things we can come up with, in a fun, fast paced, and learning environment. We will build your metabolic conditioning which is the most important factor when facing the unknown and unknowable of life.

BootCamp is offered three times a week and is included in the Unlimited Membership and can be bought seperate as a BootCamp Membership. Click the links to see our Schedule (add hyperlink), Pricing (add hyperlink), and/ or Contact Us (add hyperlink) for more information.

What will a BootCamp class look like?

The classes are 45 minutes long and will include a warm-up, movement review, an intense workout ranging from 15-30 minutes, and occasionally an extra burn at the end of class.

You can expect to be welcomed by the coach of the class and welcomed into our community with open arms.

Also, you can expect coaching to help you improve your movement patterns, technique, and most importantly ensure you are being safe.

Who would be interested in BootCamp?

  • Those new to the CrossFit methodologies looking for some consistency in the foundational movements
  • Any experienced CrossFitter that has a preference for the the longer, higher-intensity workouts on a more regular basis
  • Anyone, veteran or new, that cherry picks those heavy lifting days or Olympic lifting days and just wants to sweat
  • The athletes who are looking to improve their cardiovascular endurance in order to support their hobbies and sports.

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