FEB 25th Monday Happy Birthday Gavin

Happy Birthday Gavin

For Time:
10 Rounds:
Partner A: 6 Shuttle Runs (15m) (Down is one; Back is two)
Partner B: 6 Shuttle Runs

4 Sets of Max Strict Pull Ups

Score is total number of Pull Ups accumulated over the 4 sets

40 Med Ball Cleans 20/14
40 Deadlifts 135/95

The Partner Conditioning section is six all out shuttle runs with rests built in while your partner is running. This part should be very quick, but should be hard by the last few runs if your pushing yourself hard enough.

We then take a cardio break to do four sets of max strict pull ups. This is building on the pull ups from last week. We gon’ be STRONG.

The last part is aptly named. The movements are both very light, so you can sprint through them. Push through your butt and legs being on fire, but keep your form in tact throughout.