Congrats on another week of Dave Castro’s antics.

CFL Oly Meet0005

I just wanted to thank every member for bringing their energy in and for bearing with the craziness lately. The Open is going great so far and you all are making us very proud. Keep your balance and keep your mind right.

Don’t forget to take us up on your one free yoga class a week and keep doing your own maintenance on your body.

Active Rest days are encouraged that you still come into class, especially if you’re feeling crappy. These past few and next couple Thursdays will be Active Rest days, due to the Open announcement that night. There’s a lot of lenience on this day and I can almost guarantee that you’ll feel better for showing up than if you didn’t.

Lastly, bring yourself and your buddies to the St. Patty’s Day WOD this Saturday! There will be beers, foods, sides, fast excersizing, fit people, new t-shirts, bbq, green things… etc.


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