CFL Week 2 Programming

CFL Week 2

Let’s go CFL Athletes!  Let’s get with the program!  Literally you as an Athlete can get with the program at the beginning of, your training week, and make a strategy!  This strategy should be filled with your choices of where to give it a 110% and where to modify/scale in order to keep yourself healthy and striving for the higher level of fitness that CrossFit offers.  


This is supposed to be hard and hard to keep up with and for some of us it may be too much. As educated CFL Athletes we fortunately have the choice to start making some choices. These choices will keep us safe and “in-training” for a future in and where our skill level has increased and work capacity has followed.  


Please be brave enough to make choices that have to do with your training.  Yes your hands are going to take a beating this week and yes ,as always, Rhabdo is a possibility.  Good luck Athletes!  I look forward to helping you with your training decisions please feel free to reach out over email admin@crossfitlongmont




20 July Monday

WU: 16 Rounds Tabata single jump rope (8 Min) (Coaches and CFL Leaders make it fun!)

SS: CC OV Squat instruction, ADV find OV Squat PR 5x5x3x3x1xPR

Coaches encourage Athletes to get in a good Squat Snatch or Power to move the weight into position if not using a rack. Consider that there are 6-7 opportunities for the Athlete to get in a good Snatch repetition with moderate to heavy weights.  

WOD: Karen

150 wallball shots 20/14#

*every time the athlete stops they pay 5 burpees before resuming

*here is one of those opportunities to be creative or even save yourself if injured; question of the day “how can I modify this WOD to suite my needs of today?”  Have you ever tried Push Press “Karen” with a higher target (no squatting…YAAA!)?  Maybe you decide that you only wanna do half Karen today because you are going to smash “Nicole” tomorrow!


21 July Tuesday

WU: 3 Rounds of 13 Reps of Air Squats, Ring Row, Pushups,

CC Mobility

CC “Tape Your Hands” instruction

WOD: Nicole

20 Min AMRAP

400 M Run

Max pull ups

*After run jump on pullup bar until you fall off. Score is total number of pullups

*This is an Athlete’s opportunity to be smart about pullups

Conditioning: 50 m Sprint 7 rnds,

med ball ripcord style, run 25m with the ball, drop it and sprint the rest faster without


22 July Wednesday

WU:400m BB Kerry, CC Mobility

SS:CC Row Instruction, 500 m row PR (please post on PR board)

WOD: Nancy (25 Min Timeout)


400 M Run

15 OHS 95/65#


23 July Thursday

WU: 400m skip, 400m backward jog, CC Mobility

SS: CC Muscle up drills

A message from Sarge:  If I check-in during this time of the WOD I better see every Athlete and Coach directly involved in the diligent work it will take all of us to achieve this skill en-mass. I do not mind what you are doing to train for the Muscle-up so be creative and be in action during this opportunity.  Please expect burpees and starjumps as a CFL team in reaction to not aligning with what I would like to see here.”  Sarge 😉


WOD:Pick 2 PR’s From the PR board Athlete’s choice and Post

Don’t forget that Fran, Randy, and Helen are on our PR Board


24 July Friday

WU:Ladder drills

SS:  CC Sumo Deadlift Highpull drills

WOD:Burpee Fran


Thrusters 115/95#

Burpee pullups


25 July Saturday

WU: Athletes Choice

WOD: Swim WOD!!!!!

Foundations and CFK are canceled, open gym at 9AM – 10:30