CFL 8 Week Programming 13 July- 9 Sept 2015

Welcome to a new chapter in CFL programming.  As an organization we are making some changes to our already outstanding programming duties.  Moving FWD, and until it doesn’t work anymore or we discover something better; CFL is taking the below strategy in CF programming.  Our new programming intentions will be using the following guidelines:

  • Programming will rotate CFL Coaches every 8 weeks with the option for the Coach to choose two 8 week cycles in a row if needed
  • Programming will be published Auto Pilot everyday on our CFL blog
  • Programming will also be embedded on our schedule for each class.  (Test Run, TBD)


CFL Programing

13 July – 9 September

Program intentions:

  • Fill the CFL PR Board
  • Benchmarks and Hero’s
  • the full 8- week program will be available at the start of the cycle,  please review and get excited for the WODS you will do really well at and prepare for the ones you will struggle with
  • This 8-week Cycle ends with a bang of 5 of the CrossFit open WODS from the previous years.  Please look ahead and decide what Open WODS you will get in and get excited about crushing them.  The last week will be diminished Coaching, The CFL Athlete will be responsible for their own individual WU.
  • ADV Athletes can interact with the programmer VIA email in developing the skill set of “gaming it” (CF WOD Strategy) admin@crossfitlongmont
  • Thursday WODS are designed to be short and intense in prep for the last week of programming.  Please hold back on extra work this day
  • Saturdays will be “bring a friend for free day”  Please plan on a large class size and partner type workouts.  Think CFL Community on these days instead of increasing your PR or work capacity
  • Continued CrossFit fun
  • This program is our first combined strategic effort in preparing for the CF Open next year, please join the CFL ownership, Coaches, and Fellow Athletes in doing your best at these WODS
  • Pick a track of “extra S.S training: Core, Muscle Up, Double under, Oly Lifting.  Extra  Programing will be provided each week.