Monday Oct 18th

CROSSFITSKILLPistol Skill/Warm Up1:30 KB/Ankle Stretch, per side16 Cossack Squats24 Pistol Negatives, 12 per leg (Standing onbox) METCONFor Time25′ S. Arm DB OH Walking Lunge 50/35lbs30...
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Friday Oct 15th

Crossfit SKILL Work Rope Climb Skill1×3 Seated Footlock1×3 Seated Footlock+Standthen, 1-3 rope climbs METCON AMRAP 27 Minutes, alternating full roundswith a partner: 6 Box Jump...
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Thursday Oct 14th

crossfitSKILLBar Muscle Up 2×3 Big BMU kips, as singles2×3 Big Kips + Knees upEMOM 5 Minutes1-3 Perfect BMU METCON21-18-15-12-9-6-3Thruster 95/65lbs8-7-6-5-4-3-2Bar Muscle Up BOOTCAMP20 Min AMRAP10...
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Monday OCT 11th

CROSSFITBack Squat 3-3-3-3-3 Start @75% Build Up Try To Find A New 3RM 1000M Row For Time BARBELLPower Clean + Hang Power Clean 65-70-75-8074-78-82-8576-80-84-88

Saturday Oct 9th

CROSSFIT with a partner split work however you want For Time400Double Unders30 Power Snatches 145/100lbs16 Wall WalksRest 3:00300 Double Unders24 Power Snatches 145/100lbs12 Wall WalksRest...
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Thursday Oct 7th

CROSSFIT In Teams of 2AMRAP 35 Minutes1000m Run5:00 Row for Calories1000m Run5:00 Double Unders1000m Run5:00 C2 Bike for CaloriesSplit Machine as desired, athletes runtogetherScore is...
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