Be The Change You Want To See In The World

28 june 002


The concept of “Change” has enveloped my reality probably for most of my adult life.  As a young Ohio wrestler I was thought to force change in order to gain the advantage over my opponent.  It’s interesting to think how that may have effected my life.  As an adult one learns fast to cope with change and one most likely has some moments ,during their reaction to change, that they are not to proud of.  I have also heard the wonderful statement “you can count on one thing only and that’s; Change.”

As an organization we are coming to a pivotal point in age as a CrossFit.  The purpose of this blog is for nothing other than to stimulate critical thinking.  I am coming to understand that as a CF organization we all  have the opportunity to make choices in how we move forward.  Those choices drive change.

Now is the time to set your intentions and stand up for them.  Now is the time for change.  As one of your self-appointed leaders I am tasked with leading by example. So forgive me ahead of time for “Forcing Change” but I’m going to mix things up a bit.  C if you can notice them and please share your stories of how “Forcing Change” has made a positives impact on your life, our CFL community or even the World!


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