Adam Week 5!


Adam Week 5

Monday Nov 30th

WU:    500m run

Down and back power skip

2×10 air squats

2×5 ring dip

SS:      Back Squat 5RM

WOD:                        AMRAP 10

5 Power Clean (135/105)

1 Muscle Up

6 Power Clean

2 Muscle Ups

* add 1 rep every round on cleans and muscle ups

Rest 2 Min then…


10 cal Row

10 Pistols Total (in other words that’s 5 ea. Leg folks)


Tuesday Dec 1st

WU:    5ish min Double under Practice

3 sets 8 strict press, 8 push press, 8 split jerk

10 Broad jumps for max dist.

SS:      Split Jerk 2RM

Take this seriously guys. Don’t take 3 sets and call it a max for the day. Take care in bringing the bar back to the front rack or use the blocks.

WOD:                        5 RFT

50 Double Unders

20 Russian KBS (53/35)

20 Goblet Squats

Wednesday Dec 2nd

WU:    Row 250 easy pace

Hip/shoulder mob

Pvc pass throughs and snatch work

BB snatch progressions

SS:      EMOM 16

Start @ 60% 1RM Squat snatch add 2.5-10 lbs every round. Don’t set yourself up to pr in the first 8 min. I suggest having a weight buffet laid out near you to make weight changes run smooth. Remember it’s only a minute break.

WOD:                        Coach Sav Throwback WOD

            With a 15 min Running clock 5 RNDS for Reps

:30 Sec Max Effort snatch (95/65)

:30 Sec Rest

:30 Sec Max Effort Box Jump (24/20)

:30 Sec Rest

:30 Sec Max Effort HS Push Up

ACC:   3×10 Weighted Hip ext. w/bb or plate.

Thursday Dec 3rd

WU:    C.C.

SS:      Max Complex

Clean Pull, Lower to ground taking 6 sec, Squat clean, 2 FS, 1 Split Jerk

WOD:                        Every 3 min for 12 Min


Row 250

25 Wall Balls

Rest remainder of time

ACC:   Foam Roll/LAX ball

Friday Dec 4th

WU:    10 Hang to active

10 scap pulls

Wrist mobility

2×5 light DB snatches

SS:      Max Dist Handstand Walk to Deficit HS Push up.

WOD:                        3RFT

30 DB Snatches AHAP Right Arm

20 Pull Ups

30 DB Snatches AHAP Left Arm

20 Pull Ups