Adam Week 2


Monday Nov 9th

WU   Row 250m easy pace

10 Broad Jumps for Distance

10 Vert Jumps for Height

SS      Front Squat 4rm w/2sec pause

WOD             For Working Time

800m Sprint

20 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

Rest 3 min

800m Sprint



Tuesday Nov 10th

WU    `Banded Monster walks down and back

PVC pass throughs

PNF Face down shoulder stretch w/PVC

Muscle Snatch Instruction

SS      15min To Find a 1RM Muscle Snatch

WOD             3RFT

10 Front Rack Lunges ea Leg (95/65)

10 Burpees

15 Power Snatches (95/65)


Wed Nov 11th Veterans Day

WU   C.C.

SS      6×2 Power Clean + Push Jerk up to a heavy set of 2

WOD          “Armistice”



9min AMRAP

100m Sprint

11 Sit Ups

11 Air Squats

100m Sprint

22 Sit Ups

22 Air Squats

100m Sprint

33 Sit Ups

33 Air Squats

2min Rest and Reflection then…

9min AMRAP

100m Sprint

11 Push Ups

11 Box Jumps (24/20)

100m Sprint

22 Push Ups

22 Box Jumps

100m Sprint

33 Push Ups

33 Box Jumps

* add 11 Each round.

Thursday Nov 12th

WU   Dynamic Runners Style WU

Banded Shoulder Stretch

2×10 Hang to Active

SS      3RM Max Weighted Strict Pull Up

WOD `           1 Mile Run For Time

            Rest 4 Min


A: 15 Hip Ext.

B: ME L Sit

Friday The 13th

WU   500m Row

5 BB Strict Press

5 BB Push Press

5 Min DU Practice

15 Walking Lunge

15 Spider Man Push Up

SS      3×5 Working Sets of a 2 sec Pause Back Squat

WOD          “Adam vs. Jason vs. Freddy”


13 Push Press (95/65)

13 Scissor Lunges

13 Ring Dips

31 Double Unders