Adam week 1

Monday Nov. 2nd

WU: 2 min DU practice

Couch stretch

Hip Mobility/ shoulder mobility

S.S. Back Squat 10RM


10 Pull Ups

10 Power Snatches 95/65#

3 Rope climbs



Tuesday Nov 3rd

WU: Inch worm

3×5 BB Good Morning

3×4 BB RDL

S.S. Deadlift 8RM (touch and go)

WOD For Time

Row 1000m

10 Pistols Ea leg

Row 500m

5 Pistols Ea Leg

Row 250m

2 Pistols Ea Leg


Wednesday Nov 4th

WU: 400m run

5-10 min handstand practice

S.S. Snatch Grip Push Press 5RM


100 DU

10Power Clean (145/105)

10 S2O (same weight as clean)


Thursday Nov 5th

WU: C.C.

S.S. 4×5 Good Mornings (Med/Heavy)

WOD “Karen”

For Time

150 Wallballs 20/14

ACC 3X max effort weighted plank hold

Stretch/roll out


Friday Nov 6th

WU: Row 250 easy pace

Banded shoulder/hip mob

Monster walks with bands around knees

S.S. 15 min to find a max of the complex:

1 snatch highpull, + hang power snatch, + 1 OHS

WOD For Time

25 C2b (adv: 8 Muscle up)

25 cal Row

25 Box Jump

25 Burpee

5 Rope Climbs


Saturday Nov 7th

To Be Announced