SS1: Back Squat 3×3@95%
SS2:Complete 20 Skin the cats with as much range of motion as possible. Athletes can break this up into as many sets as is necessary.
WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP
Max effort unbroken set of OHS 95/65 ADV 115/75
200 Yard Run (Fire Hydrant and back)
Max effort unbroken set of push ups
200 Yard Run (Fire hydrant and back)
*The athlete starts with OHS, doing as many reps as they can in one set, once they drop the bar the run the 200 sprint, when they come back in they will do 1 Max effort set of push ups, once they are unable to continue they must run again before doing the squats. The Sprints are the “penalty” for finishing the set and do not count towards score, score is total OHS and Push ups accumulated in the 15 Minutes
Core:3×15 GHD sit ups