SS1: Each Person must complete a 3 Minute Max Effort rope climb
*If you cannot climb the rope Scale with either max effort laying to standing position with rope, or max distance seated sled pull.

SS2: While Not doing the Max effort Rope climb accumulate 25 Pull ups AHAP and 25 HSPU’s. If you complete all those reps and people are still working on the rope climbs work on double unders.

WOD: “6 RFT”
10 T2B
10 1 armed Kettlbebell Clean and jerk 55/35
200 Yard Run (Fire Hydrant and back)
*(alternate arms each round, ie. 10 Right the first round, 10 left the second round etc.)

Core:3 Minutes of Flutter Kicks. Athlete must do 3 Burpees at the end for each time they break. the goal is to do as few burpees as possible… as is always the case.

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