Workout 8/28/14

SS1:12 Minutes to establish a 1RM Bear Complex in this fashion:
1 Squat Clean to thruster, lower to back, 1 Backsquat to Behind The neck Thruster.
*Rather than splitting each movement up individually as normal this time it should all be performed as basically two movements that flow the whole complex

SS2: 30 Skin the cats, 200 Double Unders or double under practice if not proficient

WOD: Colorado Open WOD#3
20 OHS 95/65
40 Med Ball Sit ups
60 Double unders
40 Med Ball Sit ups 20/14
20 OHS 95/65

*Med Ball Sit ups should be done with a touch behind the head when they lay down, and as they sit up they should touch the ball IN FRONT of their heels, slam balls or med balls can be used for the sit ups.

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