danny broflex

“Bro so Hard!!!” -Danny Broflex

WU:/ 3:00min of Front/Back/Go’s

The athlete is going to jog in place on the command FRONT the athlete will drop and knock out push ups until the coach says BACK then said athlete will roll over and do flutter kicks, on the command GO the athlete will resume running in place. Run this fast like a Drill Sergeant(or football coach for you civilian folk) mix it up and keep them guessing.

10 hang to active

15 hollow rocks

CC Shoulder MOB


SS:/ Handstand practice: Don’t spend to much time here practice bailing out, kicking up, walking, push ups. Treated as a warm up for the Metcon…


Metcon:/     1 Mile run for Time then:

                        2 RFT

21 KBS (53/35)

14 Pistols total

21 Handstand Push Ups

14 C2B (Adv: 7 Muscle ups bar/ring)