CrossFit Longmont Yoga

Studies show that a dedicated yoga practice has been proven to reduce stress, improve mental conditions, muscle function, flexibility, and strength; we at CrossFit Longmont truly believe in the marriage of crossfit and yoga, and that introducing one to your lifestyle, will benefit the practice of the other and maximize your progress. Our Crossfit Longmont Yoga classes are guided by certified Yoga instructors who individualize and customize every yoga class to their students needs.


 Mondays @ 9:45 AM All levels strength vinyasa led by Daisy
Tuesdays @ 7:15 AM All levels vinyasa led by Marci
Wednesdays @ 9:45 AM All levels vinyasa led by Milena
Thursdays @ 9:45 AM All levels vinyasa led by Rita
Fridays @ 7:15 AM All levels vinyasa
*Mats, blocks, straps, rollers are ALL provided! Just come willing! 

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Just Yoga: Only $39.99 per month for unlimited access.
Crossfit Longmont Athletes: 1 class per week included! Only $19.95 per month for unlimited access.
Drop In Class: $11.00
Best darn Yoga value in town!
CALL (330) 317-0553 or (970) 901-1821 FOR MORE INFO!
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