Once you have achieved CFL Athlete status you will have access to over 40 classes per week.  At CFL we call theses WODs (workout of the day).  Our Coaches formally announce the WOD to our Athletes at the beginning of every class. As a CFL Athlete you can expect a 3-4 component workout conducted in just about an hour.  A CFL hour will include a warm-up, strength and skills session and the WOD.

Advanced WOD

A CFL Athlete that has been with us approximately 6 months (or longer) and who is able to RX 75% of their WODs may attend our advanced WODs after checking with one of our CFL coaches.  As coaches these WODs are some of our favorite to coach.  CFL advanced athletes are not only skilled, strong and successful, but they are also some of our favorite humans to be around.  Expect to get more volume of work at increased intensity during these WODs.  We also program an extra strength and skills component to work on advanced CrossFit skill sets.

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