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Posted 04/02/17 by | 0

3 rounds for time:
One minute of 135/95lb. back squats
Rest one minute
One minute of chest-to-bar pull-ups
Rest one minute
One minute of 135/95lb. power cleans
Rest one minute

*no rack


1 min ea- couch, clock, pigeon, wall-split


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Posted 03/30/17 by | 0


10 Bird-dogs

10 sec dead hang

10 spiderman lunge

15 cal row

Continued… Coach’s choice.


Partner row 5k

Switch whenever


3 sets:

:30 sec iso back ext. hold (arms over-head, add weight if needed)

50 ft sled push or drag

10-15 HSPU (strict or kipping, choose your weakness)


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Posted 03/29/17 by | 0

For Time:

200 double-unders

100 abmat Sit-ups

80 wallball shots (20/14; 10 ft all genders)

60 kbs (70/52 american)

40 push-ups

20 goblet squats (same kb)

*35 min cap.


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Posted 03/28/17 by | 0

SS: Find a 1 Rep Max Squat Clean

17 min Cap.


3 sets of:

15 seated DB presses

15 bulgarian split squats

15 evil wheels (barbell rollout)


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Posted 03/27/17 by | 0


2 rds:

10 Calories

10 KBS

:10 HS Hold

SS: Find a 3 RM Split Jerk

*15 min cap

3 Rounds For Time:

20 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

20 Burpee over Bar

*16 min cap


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Posted 03/26/17 by | 0


Find a max 3 rep Dumbbell Strict Pull-up, or least amount of scale in 10 minutes.

(DB in feet or legs)


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups


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Posted 03/24/17 by | 0


Find a max deficit strict handstand push-up or the least scaling as possible.

13 min cap.

EMOM 20 or as long as possible:

0- 1:00: 200m Sprint

1- 2:00: 10 Push-ups+15 AbMat Sit-ups

*scale distance or reps to get at least 12 minutes.


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Posted 03/22/17 by | 0

Open– 3 rds not for time:

25 ft Front rack carry (crushing load)

50 ft Sled push

25 ft Overhead Carry (heavy af)

20 Calories

Non-Open For time:

200m Run

20 RKBS (72/53)

400m Run


600m Run

60 Air squats

800m Run

80 Air squats