Our Philosophy

CrossFit Longmont’s philosophy is, “Elite fitness for everyone.”  Our classes (WODs)  and private  coaching are based on the methodology of constantly varied functional movements like: pushing, pulling, squatting, running, rowing, lifting, jumping and tumbling. These movements are executed at high intensity, in a group of your peers, led by a motivated CrossFit Certified Coach!



Core Working Values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Customer service
  3. Positive, infectious attitude of staff
  4. Clean and presentable environment at all times
  5. Elite level instruction of Health and Fitness
  6. Introduction of clients into the CrossFit national community
  7. Measurable and repeatable client results
  8. Teaching the client as many skill sets of new motor programs as they are able to learn safely
  9. We have a culture of behavior expected of our Coaching staff and veteran CFL Athletes that is welcoming and supportive of new athletes wanting to be part of our team
  10. As a staff we need our job to support a healthy lifestyle of a fun/low stress working environment.  Please understand you may be culled from the herd if we find you to be challenging to deal with outside of the realm of exercise.  At CFL we all do our best to be part of our working success and not the working challenge!
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