Our Facility

img_0999Our 5,000 square foot “box” is located on Ken Pratt Blvd in Longmont, Colorado. When you walk through our double doors and under our incognito CrossFit longmont sign you pass into an open floor plan that serves up the evolution of health and fitness — CrossFit!  We, as a coaching team, are dedicated to the mental and physical self-improvement of everyone that joins our community.

Our training program and facility, coupled with our expert coaches, provides “Elite Fitness for Everyone!”  We teach you the skills, knowledge, and training needed to be able to perform well at any CrossFit location. Our facility provides all the gear for you to become a CrossFit athlete, and we have a shower for those wanting to make a speedy transition back to life after a your WOD.

As a health and fitness business (Red Sonja, Inc.) we provide a team culture (communnity) unparalleled outside of the CrossFit Industry. We believe the CFL Communnity to be the driving force behind our athletes health and fitness results. This culture, in short, consists of:

  • CrossFit WODS performed in a class environment with a motivated/proficient coach
  • Largest variety of complex athletic movements available
  • Learning responsibility for your own safety and success
  • Supportive environment of like-minded Athletes
  • Large availability of classes to attend per week
  • CrossFit National and International “culture”
  • We have fun while we work hard
  • Clean and safe (self rescue) environment
  • Auxillary programs; Yoga, Barbell and CrossFit kids

We are a bit challenging to find, so be prepared to spend a few minutes on your first trip in. Our facility is located on the corner of Sherman and Ken Pratt. We share the East side of the same building as Appliance Factory Outlet, Carpet 1 and PCDC. There is no access road on Ken Pratt so you will need to turn onto Sherman St. (Look For Le Peep) and take your second left into an open parking lot.  Please enter the double doors (east side of the building) around the corner from garage doors. See you soon!

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